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Marie Nagel

Abandoned Across the Bay Between the Rocks Breaking Wave Driftwood, Botanical beach Dusk End of the Day Gems of the Sea Grasses at Esquimalt Lagoon Grasses at the Beaver Ponds In The Mist Interception Morning Tide Coming In Red Rocks Rock Wall at Cordova Bay Rocky Edge Sea of Grasses Stranded Boats The Current Tide Coming In View from the Villa Wild Coast Witty's Beach Revisited
Marie Nagel-- Painting has been a passion for me all of my life. Starting as a child, I was always interested in drawing. In public school I was lucky to have as my teacher someone who was also a professional artist, who encouraged me to get some paints and start painting. At a time when girls were expected to become either a nurse, teacher or secretary, I was determined to go to art school, and I attended the Alberta College of Art in Calgary in the early sixties. Throughout my life painting has been my main interest. I love the feel of pushing paint around on canvas and I feel that painting is a way for me to say what I feel about everything, about life, my place in this universe, and how I feel about everything. I’ve worked mainly in the arts in my adult life, as a writer, photographer, commercial artist, director of a public art gallery, and from 1991 to 2007 I owned and operated a private gallery in Wells, BC, located near Barkerville. Since moving to Victoria in the latter part of 2007, I’ve been participating with two groups that paint out-of-doors or “en plein air” in the tradition of the Group of Seven and the Impressionists.

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