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Donna Ion

Donna Ion explores new ways to express the beauty of our forests. Her work has evolved from realism to an increasingly abstract interpretative approach. Though fresh and contemporary, her work remains firmly tied to Canadian artistic heritage. She has developed a unique, instantly recognizable style that viewers describe as aesthetically pleasing and spiritually uplifting. Large format, acrylic paintings are designed to elicit a personal response in the viewer. Instead of painting 'scenes' she creates a mood, memory or vignette, that enable everyone to recall the beautiful, yet familiar, landscapes that surround them personally. Composition is vitally important to Donna, as are colour and pattern. Her paintings are seen as more than landscapes and enter into the realm of the highly abstract, appealing to a larger audience with increasing impact. By extending the colour palette beyond the true spectrum she is able to achieve a higher aesthetic response.

Eclectic Gallery
2170 Oak Bay Ave
Victoria , BC V8R 1E9

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