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Mark Brennan

Marks work is an exploration of the human connection to the land. Having spent his childhood exploring the moors, hills and glens of the Scottish Highlands, the land, and our relationship to it continues to be the main theme of his work in Canada. I believe there is a deep rooted, almost subconscious, interaction between all of us and the places we live. The stories of our lives and the way in which each of us connects to one another are deeply influenced by our understanding of the natural places we come into contact with. Marks wilderness journeys are his way of seeking out the subconscious human connection to nature. It is a wild sense of belonging to something larger than ourselves, and ultimately a realization of the connectedness of all living things. His wanderings have taken him to many wilderness landscapes with a focus on painting in protected wilderness areas and the National Parks of Canada. In recent years he has also explored these places through sound. My recordings and paintings of intact wilderness areas are a form of preservation of not just the natural sound or place, but also preservation, or deepening of my own sense of wildness.

Eclectic Gallery
2170 Oak Bay Ave
Victoria , BC V8R 1E9

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