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Naomi Grindlay

Creating art is a very personal journey. It is my way of expressing and appreciating the beauty that surrounds me. I have a great love for painting in oils. I love the smell of fresh oil paint and how it feels as it glides over my canvas. My studio beckons me when I wake up in the morning. It reminds me of what Picasso said...Painting is stronger than me, it makes me do its bidding. Inspiration, I believe, are gifts bestowed upon us from the Powers that Be. A new canvas excites me and intimidates me at the same time. Light and the way it affects color, is my daily obsession. Every time I pick up my paintbrush, I learn something new. For the Viewer, I wish to give you a sense of peace, harmony and light. My greatest influence and teachers are artists I admire and their work I study on a regular basis. I love John Singer Sargent for loose contemporary style. His work has always inspired me.

Eclectic Gallery
2170 Oak Bay Ave
Victoria , BC V8R 1E9

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