Upcoming Shows

Heather Keenan and Miles Lowry

September 24th to November 3rd



Heather Keenan’s recent work is a narrative on imagined places of gathering; railway stations, streets and landscapes. The figures are at a nexus point, either beginning or ending their passage into or from a place of light. The work is in an impressionistic, automatic style using oil pigment sticks, (oil paint, linseed oil and waxes in stick form) which enable her to draw and paint using her hands, rags and scrapers to erase and build layers.
Heather received a Diploma in Art and Design at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta. Her artwork is on the covers of over 20 books and publications, she received a BC Arts Council Award, Best in Show at Sooke Fine Arts and the Windsor & Newton North American Artist's Competition. Explore Heather's work at www.hkeenan.com





Victoria based artist Miles Lowry brings a collection of paintings from his “ Inside Passage” series - Luminous and emotional like the unpredictable weather and light of the Pacific Northwest each work provides an entrance to an emotive state or place through a fine balance of abstraction and representation. Lowry will also bring a gathering of his recent figurative sculptural works which explore the body as an expressive canvas. Lowry is a visual artist, writer and director best known for his vibrant paintings and life-size sculptures. His works are seen in a wide variety of exhibitions, publications and performances. To explore his work visit  - www.mileslowry.ca   www.loveandliberty.ca   www suddenlydance.ca