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Island Potters
 Functional and Artistic Pottery from
Vancouver Island's finest potters

Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands of BC have a long tradition of distinctive West Coast pottery.
Our finest living potters are creating master works for us to use, enjoy and treasure.

Alan Burgess, Chris Craig, Walter Dexter, Ester Galac, 
Laurie Hashizume, Wayne Ngan
 Harumi Ota, Judy Weeden, Bronwyn Arundel

Harumi Ota
soy/oil vessel

Harumi Ota 
Functional stoneware bowl 

Harumi Ota
Large stoneware bowl

Harumi Ota's 
distinctive style seen here in his multi-coloured glazing techniques. His work combines an interesting mixture of Japanese esthetic and contemporary flavour. 

Ester Galac 
Large Teapot

Ester Galac
Kimono Pot 
Ester Galac
$28 each
Ester Galac 
uses West Coast landscape elements in designing her natural vessels. Ester has developed a distinctive West Coast style recognized in her oval offsets, elegant glazes and refind forms. 

Judy Weeden
Owl Pitcher

Judy Weeden
Tea pot  

Judy Weeden

Judy Weeden's 
masterful hand built vessels, Saltspring. Surface decoration is created by slip-carving. No two pots are ever alike. 

Wayne Ngan
Wayne Ngan

Walter Dexter
Wayne Ngan 
is primarily known for his innovative work and high-quality stoneware.


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